Luvmybox is the perfect way to explore your wild side with fun and flirty products sent to your door every month. Luvmybox is best experienced with a sense of adventure, an open mind and a do not disturb sign!

Is Luvmybox for Me?
Everyone needs a little excitement in the bedroom from time to time! Luvmybox is the perfect way to treat your curious self! It's also a great gift for couples, newlyweds, your best friend, or a bride or groom to-be!

How Much Is Luvmybox?
For $34.95 a month you receive a box of sultry goodies sent right to your door. We also offer 3 month subscriptions which can save you $5.

Why Try Luvmybox?
Discover quality adult products without leaving your house...
No need to visit uncomfortable shops. We’ll bring the fun and flirty items right to your door!
Spice things up!
Tired of the same old moves? Try something new, exciting, and add some zest to your regular routine!
Fun, easy way to make time for that afternoon delight!
No need for planning or forethought. Your Luvmybox is your regular reminder to spend time with your partner and put the moves on asap!
Receive a new surprise every month.
One of the best parts of becoming a Luvmybox member is that every month is a surprise. This only adds to the anticipation as you wait for your box to arrive.
"Such a great way to keep excitement
and variety in the bedroom" - AJ